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FCA (Free Carrier)

FCA (Free Carrier)

FCA stands for Free Carrier and is one of the seven Incoterm rules for any mode of transport.

The seller delivers the goods, cleared for export, to an agreed place (the seller's premises or any other place designated by the buyer). The goods can be delivered either directly to a carrier nominated by the buyer or indirectly via another party nominated by the buyer. If the seller delivers goods to buyers at its own premises, he is responsible for the cost of and risk associated with loading those goods onto transport provided by the buyer.

This incoterm has largely replaced FOB (Free on board) in most international trade transactions, the main difference being that rather than risk passing when goods are loaded onto a vessel as with FOB, it passes at a chosen place of delivery—named by the buyer.

Under FCA conditions, the delivery place where goods are moving to their buyer must be specified as follows: FCA (named place of origin), CFS. FCA can be used for all modes of transport, for full containers and LCL as well as for air.

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